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Edward E. Kramer's Bio:

An award-winning editor and writer, Edward E. Kramer's published works includes Sandman with Neil Gaiman, Elric with Michael Moorcock, and The Crow with James O'Barr; he received the Prometheus Award for the Libertarian SF anthology Free Space, with Brad Linaweaver. Ed agented volumes of classic work for Harlan Ellison (Edgeworks), Fritz Leiber (Lankhmar), and Michael Moorcock (Eternal Champion). Ed arranged the literary partnership between authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson which re-launched the Dune universe; the first Herbert / Anderson collaborative trilogy was dedicated to Ed's efforts.


As a photojournalist and music critic, Ed's features were syndicated through the NY Times regional wire; his photography and portraits graced the pages of Billboard, Rolling Stone, Time, and USA Today. Ed's original fiction appears in numerous anthologies, collections, and magazines. In 1987, Ed founded America's largest annual pop-cultural event, Dragon Con, and served as Chairman for fourteen years. An active member of the Science Fiction Writer's Association (SFWA) for more than two decades, and a past Nebula Awards host, Ed also served as Vice-President and Trustee of the Horror Writers Association (HWA).


A graduate of Emory University School of Medicine, Ed's work in Violence Epidemiology with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) helped develop the technology to decrease fatalities through a pilot study for Atlanta's Domestic Crisis Intervention Unit (DCIU). His experience includes more than two decades of work as an administrator in the psychiatric and addiction treatment professions, and eight years as Producer of the Tovia Singer Show for Arutz Sheva, Israel's only independent national live radio station.


Bibliography / Anthologies:

Tales of Riverworld (1992)
Grails: Quests, Visitations and Other Occurrences (1992), a World Fantasy Award nominee for Best Anthology
Quest to Riverworld (1993)
Confederacy of the Dead (1993)
Phobias (1994)
Michael Moorcock's Elric: Tales of the White Wolf (1994)
Grails: Visitations of the Night (1994)
The Dark Destiny trilogy is set in White Wolf publishing's World of Darkness:
-- Dark Destiny (1994)
-- Dark Destiny II: Proprietors of Fate (1995)
-- Dark Destiny III: Children of Dracula (1996)
Dante's Disciples (1998)
Excalibur (1995)
Tombs (1995)
More Phobias (1995)
Forbidden Acts (1995)
Dark Love (1996), a World Fantasy Award and International Horror Guild Award nominee for Best Anthology
The Sandman: Book of Dreams (1996), a British Fantasy Award nominee for Best Anthology
Michael Moorcock's Pawn of Chaos: Tales of the Eternal Champion (1997)
Free Space (1997), recipient of the first Prometheus Special Award
The Crow: Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams (1998)
Strange Attraction: Turns of the Midnight Carnival's Wheel (2000)
Grails: Quests of the Dawn (2004)

Edward E. Kramer's Experience:

  • Producer at Israel National Radio

    Producer of The Tovia Singer Show for Arutz Sheva, Israel's only independent national live radio station, broadcasting in English to the United States and internationally across the Web.

  • Editor and Writer at HarperCollins / DC, Warner / Aspect, TOR / Forge, Del Rey / Ballantine, and ROC / Penguin Books

    Award-winning editor of more than twenty original collections of short fiction. Select titles reprinted in multiple languages, as featured selection by the Science Fiction Book Club, and in signed / limited editions by multiple specialty press.

Edward E. Kramer's Education:

  • Emory University

    Bachelor of Science (BS)
    Concentration: Forensic Psychology
  • Emory University School of Medicine

    Master of Public Health (MPH), Rollins School of Public Health,
    Concentration: Healthcare Administration and Planning, Violence Epidemiology
    Activities: Master's Thesis in cooperation with Atlanta's Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) Violence Epidemiology Branch and Atlanta Police Department's (APD) Domestic Crisis Intervention Unit (DCIU) on procedural information-based methodology to reduce confrontational fatalities in response to domestic crisis intervention.

Edward E. Kramer's Interests & Activities:

Futurism and Emerging Technologies, Editing and Publishing, Writing and Screenwriting, Forensic Psychology and Cognitive Processing, Photography and Cinematography, Disability and Human Rights Advocacy, Chabad Lubavitch and Spiritual Enrichment, Lurianic and Quantum Studies, Kiruv and Counter-Missionary Education